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In 1979, Ming King, Kew, a grocery man owning a Shop in Canning Garden decided that he could do more in manufacturing ice cream confection rather than sitting in the shop selling grocery. Starting from a small plant at a shop lot in Pasir Putih, he progressively established the very original Ice Cream Potong Stick as an alternative to the major brands of the day, particularly in Perak Region of Malaysia. As a consequence, the Wonderful Ice Cream brand was born.

As the business developed, Kew, with support from his wife Kim Eng and their growing family of 4 children, built a state of the art factory in First Garden. This factory starts to produce various types of ice cream under its own brand Wonderful, mainly distributed through agents. Other brands like Snowman and Dolphin Ice Cream was subsequently born to penetrate into the retail markets like The Store, Billion and other retails groups in Malaysia.

This continued for some years, but it became apparent to the family that because their production was dependent on agents’ achievements and the goods were not in control of their own destiny.

As a consequence, in 2002, Wonderful Ice Cream starts to achieve higher standard in getting the Halal status certified by the Jakim and then the HDC of Malaysia in order to penetrate into the export markets. The principle was simple - Passionate about everything we do, we offer bench marking of ice cream under our own brand worldwide with minimum ordered quantity, thus excellent customer satisfaction and competitive price offered to customer is our main company goal. Wonderful Ice Cream is now available throughout East and West Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Today, Wonderful Ice Cream (which remains the manufacturing base) is still owned by the Kew’s family, with two generations currently working within the business. Their commitment to the highest quality controls and innovative products, continues to see a large range of frozen treats offered to customers all over Malaysia and worldwide.



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